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Information for the employer

Properly selected and motivated staff is key to the success of any company. Our priority is to provide our clients with services that will help optimize human resources management and in turn increase the competiveness and effectiveness of the company.

Cooperation with Powerjobs can bring many advantages such as:

We also provide our clients with:

Temporary employment

Temporary employment, also known as staff for hire or employee leasing is a specific form of employment where an external worker is hired for a limited period of time, in order to perform tasks that either cannot be completed on time using the employer’s own resources, or that fall within the responsibilities of an absent employee. This model involves three parties: the temporary worker, the employer (user) and a temporary employment agency.


The temporary worker is formally employed by the temporary employment agency, which delegates him to work for the employer (user) under his management and supervision.


PowerJobs temporary workers are hired out in accordance with the Employment of Temporary Workers Act of 09 July 2003.

Process outsourcing

Process outsourcing is another form of employee leasing. It involves contracting a temporary employment agency to carry out a specific project or its part in order to boost effectiveness. The agency uses its own staff &resources to carry out the contracted task and bares all responsibility for the final result.

This solution can benefit the our clients by:

PowerJobs offers process outsourcing in the following areas:

HR consulting services

Another form of specialized HR services offered by PowerJobs is HR consulting. One of our goals is to support our clients in finding permanent workers. We also conduct performance reviews and help develop incentive schemes.


Our staff of qualified consultants analyse our clients’ needs with great care in order to find optimal tools necessary to recruit the best candidates. We meet the expectations of customers by offering a flexible cooperation model that our customers can freely adapt to their needs and budget.


We take full responsibility for the effects of our work, by offering our clients a warranty period between 1 and 6 months. The length of the warranty is determined individually depending on the specifics of the recruitment project.


Thanks to our HR consulting services our clients can save time and minimize their involvement in the recruitment process.